Backdoorshoes... 100% waterproof gardening shoes, in a range of beautiful styles, only $7 postage to Australia / $14 to NZ

Can I leave my Backdoorshoes in the sun? On the verandah?

The short answer is 'Yes!' Your Backdoorshoes can safely be left in direct sunlight, outside the back door, or on the verandah, etc. In fact, they can be left pretty much anywhere with the exception of under magnified sunlight. By this, we mean dont leave your shoes in the greenhouse, or in the car or caravan under a window, or anywhere where those oven-like temperatures become possible.

Normal sun temperatures should not damage your Backdoorshoes. That said, if its a real stinker of a Summer's day and the sun is beating down its probably not the best idea to leave them out! Nothing survives for long in the heat of a midday Aussie sun after all!

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