Backdoorshoes... 100% waterproof gardening shoes, in a range of beautiful styles, only $7 postage to Australia / $14 to NZ

Ive got some similar from the local garden centre / DIY store. Whats the difference with Backdoorshoes?

If you already have some similar shoes, that's great! You already get the idea and already know why having a pair of shoes at the back door is a great idea... well done you!

However, one day those 'cheapos' from the garden centre will split or crack (rubber always does!), and when they do, please do give Backdoorshoes a try.

We think you will love how light, comfortable and downright beautiful these gardening shoes are... so much so, you wont just be wearing them in the garden!

Plus, as they are 100% waterproof we believe they are the most versatile pair of shoes that you will ever own!

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