Backdoorshoes... 100% waterproof gardening shoes, in a range of beautiful styles, only $7 postage to Australia / $14 to NZ

What's so good about Backdoorshoes anyway?!

Backdoorshoes are an easy-on, easy-off outdoor clog. It is this ease of use which makes them so much easier to wear than boots, and their vibrant designs makes them much more stylish than boring old green gardening shoes! These are gardening shoes that you can safely venture out of the garden in... indeed, many customers regularly do, having forgotten they are wearing them!

Backdoorshoes regularly win comparison tests with regular gardening shoes & boots, and have received many favourable reviews and 'Best Buy'  awards from newspapers and magazines in the UK, including The Daily Mail, The Guardian, and The Telegraph, amongst many others.

In short, this is one versatile pair of shoes... you can just as easily wear them whilst gardening or camping, as well as going to the beach or doing the weekly shop. 


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